Forex Trendy Scanner Review 2016: The Increase of Demand

Forex Trendy Scanner Review February 2016 

In this report, we continue using Google index to see how the demand of Forex Trendy Scanner changes. Forex Trendy still attract a lot of traders and the number of searches about this product slightly increase from November 2015 to February 2016.

What is Forex Trendy Scanner and how does it works?

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Forex Trendy – Rate 8.6/10

Specific Forex Trendy Scanner Review

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Forex Trendy still attracts a lot of traders

After 4 months,  the number of searches about this product slightly increase from about 2000 searches/months to nearly 2200 searches/months. It is the impressive numbers for a online scanner in Forex field. This means that lots of traders know about Forex Trendy somehow and then they find it on Google before buy the product. In this months, there are 590 searches for “Forex Trendy Review”. 140 people search for “Forex Trendy Scam”. And some search about “Forex Trendy free download” and so on.

Forex Trendy Scanner Review by Google index (February 2016)
Part of Raw Data on Google Adwords (February 2016)


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Forex Trendy Scanner Review after analyzing: The increase of searches


On, the number of visits slightly decrease in December 2015. It can be explain that people use time to enjoy a lot of occations (Black Friday, Christmas, New Year, Lunar New Year in Asia,…). However, it is still more than 50.000 visits per month.

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In conclutions, with its ability to finding best trend, supply variety kinds of chart pattern, Forex Trendy Scanner still captures the belief of numerous users. With its 100% money-back guarantee,  traders might be confident to invest to their success by using this scanner.